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Automatic milking, successful management

Start milking automatically with GEA and at the same time benefit from a ground-breaking way to manage herds and dairy processes.

On the dashboard – all you need at a glance

The DairyNet® herd and farm management informs you at a glance about the tasks at hand, puts all animal management data at your disposal with a click of the mouse, and, thanks to updated reports, allows you to develop profitable strategies.

More insight, precision response

DairyNet® makes extensive functions available that display each animal’s performance during ongoing processes and allows you to quickly recognize performance changes.

For example, with alert notification during the milking session: a simple mouseover reveals detailed information on whether the animal or the technology needs to be checked.

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One click, everything at a glance

With just a click on the I-button, DairyNet® displays the latest data on the selected animal in an instant. Whether it’s age, lactation performance, milk yield or results from the latest milking sessions – the clearly designed screen shows all relevant information in detail all the way to quarter conductivity. You always have the most important information available to plan an activity, document or analyze.

Today’s herd management, active and mobile

Take control of herd management easily with your team!

If desired, be mobile: Manage your herds and ongoing operational processes when and where you want!

• Innovative herd management
• Practical mobile functions
• Focus on target-oriented information

Whether it’s milking results, documentation of animal data or reproductive data, the DairyNet® App displays data directly on your mobile device. This means you have the current data at your fingertips, available even when working with the animals.

Examination finished, treatment carried out, task accomplished? With simple and practical management on the spot, every entry brings you and your team up-to-date!

• Mobile management via app
• Current data at your fingertips
• Enter data on site near the animal

Mobile App

Starting today, you can plan in a holistic and well-structured way

The DairyNet® herd and farm management is unique.

The innovative DairyNet® technology links data from different sensors and the animals’ performance. That makes it particularly easy to gain an overview!

The new efficiency

Manage your herds and your operational procedures on the go, independently, with flexibility built in. Whether it’s animal health or milk performance, animal sorting, feeding strategy or daily tasks, DairyNet® is a giant leap towards efficiency.

Managing, planning, analyzing, documenting: DairyNet® continuously delivers the latest information on animals, technology and trends, and offers the perfect applications for forward-thinking decisions that affect your operation.

Everything under control in the long term

Everything running smoothly? Hard to believe, you only need one program to deliver focused reports and graphic evaluations on milk production with just a mouse click. Evaluate the performance of every lactation and the whole herd and compare them with one or more individual animals.

• Successful evaluation, comfortable management
• One software for all tasks
• Tangible figures, wide-ranging functions

Focus on animal health

DairyNet® lets you detect anomalies in animal and performance data more simply and easily than before. Thanks to the precise analysis and promptly taken steps, you can quickly optimize performance levels.

Evaluate performance indicators

Take a look at the value chain, the configurable dashboard gives you a quick overview: whether it’s milking performance, reproduction success or system performance – combinations of key figures and graphics present lots of information precisely in a well-organized way.

Plan feeding with perfect timing

With a few clicks, you can plan individual feed rations for each animal. The DairyNet® herd and farm management has numerous functions available for exact dosage, feeding time and delivery via connected feeding systems.